• 08-04-2020
  • Natural Stone Waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing for Natural Stone

When it comes to any sort of waterproofing solutions, the most problematic surface of all is natural stone. This is not something that you can treat like any other manmade material. The biggest challenge with natural stone waterproofing is the fact that it is simply more expensive than other materials. This alone makes the owner think twice before figuring out what waterproofing systems are going to be effective on it.

Every owner wants to retain the natural rustic look that natural stones create on any surface, be it walls, floor, or ceilings. Covering that look with a solid coat would take away from the glamor and you do not want that. This is where water-based liquid waterproofing comes in. this is a solution that is tried and tested for natural stone waterproofing and you can opt for this easily.

Some people still question the logic behind waterproofing natural stones in the first place. The fact is that every natural material has an aging process. Exposure to water can also accelerate that process and it is best to waterproof it as much as possible. As for the waterproofing solutions, you can expect to see different variations in terms of the products that you select.

Nowadays you can find natural stones that already have a waterproofing coat on them when they arrive from the vendor. The installation team can then apply the second coat later to fill in all the gaps. The alternative is also there where you can get the stone untreated and have professional waterproofing companies like Proper Waterproofing do it for you.


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