• 15-04-2020
  • Terrace Waterproofing

Slopes and Terrace Waterproofing

Any type of waterproofing is tricky to handle properly but terraces provide their own special requirements. One of the biggest things that you have to consider in terrace waterproofing is the slope angle. A lot of terraces in modern homes and even some office buildings are now usually straight. What that means is that all the water gets stuck on the surface every time it rains. Drainage is either through sumps/pits under the floor or is simply not even present. Even the collection can lead to a lot of leakages. With no slope, the water can gather in spots and end up making a problem for the terrace.

With terraces usually not getting full structural support underneath, having so much weight can be quite problematic. The biggest problem, however, is still the seepage that can occur from standing water and leaking drains. To prevent that, having waterproofing and slopes play an equal role. While you apply a waterproof membrane on the terrace to avoid seepage, you also have to create a slope to make sure the water you accumulate also gets drained. Of course, this layer does not play a role in terrace waterproofing, but it is important to keep the system running for as long as possible.

One thing that needs to be in consideration, however, is to provide the right solution components depending on location and application. This type of expertise requires a lot of knowledge and experience, something that Proper Waterproofing prides in being abundant in. With a highly experienced team, years of experience working as one of the best waterproofing companies in Dubai and other parts of UAE, and top-notch German systems and engineering, they are pioneering terrace waterproofing in the country.

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