• 25-04-2020
  • Wall Waterproofing

Types of Wall Waterproofing

Waterproofing any type of wall is important but concrete walls are probably the most in need of it. With a lot of buildings and houses in UAE made from concrete, you can naturally see why wall waterproofing is a big requirement. However, the solution is also available, and you can get it too as long as you know what to get. Nowadays a range of different products is available to people who want to waterproof their walls. The waterproofing systems you choose is entirely dependent on your specific application. However, it is best to involve professional waterproofing companies to ease your decision.

As for the materials, the most common type of wall waterproofing is cement-based. These are easy to apply and can remain attached to masonry and bare concrete indefinitely. You can also use it on painted walls without any problems. A more effective method is to use silicate-based sealants, but they only stick to unpainted walls. You can also opt for waterproofing paint which does provide even better sealing and works on painted walls. However, it needs to be breathable as well, so the wall does not end up retaining moisture.

Doing all this and making such decisions can be difficult if you are not aware of the situational requirements. Therefore, waterproofing contractors are a better option for most people. With companies like Proper Waterproofing providing excellent wall waterproofing systems, you can be at ease about the quality of work you get. Why let the decisions overwhelm you when you can have a professional waterproofing service decide it for you?

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