• 26-04-2020
  • Water Tank Waterproofing

Underground vs Above Ground Water Tank Waterproofing

Water tanks are one of the most obvious places that you need to waterproof, whether it is in a residential area or a commercial area. However, the way you do it can vary quite a lot, depending on the placement of the tank. Typical water tanks are made from concrete which is one of the most common design styles in the UAE. However, waterproofing of these tanks is not always a priority and that can lead to different problems.

For underground tanks, no waterproofing systems can lead to problems like water leakage into foundations and the creation of water seams across the structure. This can not only cause aesthetic issues but can even be dangerous in some situations. For tanks above ground, the probability of rupturing in the concrete structure can be a possibility. This is due to the constant changes in temperature that come from exposure to the open environment.

Fixing these issues is extremely important and water tank waterproofing is very effective in stopping such issues. It also provides an additional layer of protection to the tank against all types of external elements including molding. Professional waterproofing systems deployed by experienced waterproofing companies can lead to effective implementation of such solutions.

For the UAE market, the go-to company is Proper Waterproofing, a company that has made a name in providing excellent waterproofing solutions to the UAE community. Whether it is for water tank waterproofing or any other type of waterproofing, you can always rely on them for providing the best results. And you get all that at a price that is well within your reach.

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