• 10-04-2020
  • Roof Insulation

Why You Should Choose Roofing Combos?

Figuring out how to best utilize and protect your building’s roof can be quite a daunting task. With so many possibilities, there also comes the responsibility to make sure the roof stays protected. Conventional waterproofing solutions only focus on keeping the water off the roof surface. However, with the environment of the UAE, protection from the scorching sun takes precedence.

While you could install a conventional roof insulation solution, adding a layer of roof waterproofing is not bad either. The ability to solve two problems with a uniform thick layer on the roof is quite a genius move. There are ways for you to enhance conventional waterproofing solutions with roof insulation and many companies are offering it now.

However, the system is not that straight forward. You need to make sure that the insulation and waterproofing solution you choose is neither too light, nor too heavy. Having expert advice in such a situation can be especially useful. And let’s be honest, this is not a job that you can do on your own anyway. While quite a few waterproofing contractors are offering this service, your vendor choice in our opinion should be Proper Waterproofing. Having someone who knows the local market, has your best interest at heart, and uses the latest technology is crucial. That is exactly what you get from Proper Waterproofing. Find out how you can combine roof insulation and roof waterproofing on your building effectively by talking to them. We can guarantee that you will not be let down in any wa

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